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Our current April menu.

Our lunch menu




The famous lemon grilled artic char with potatoes,


fresh salad and Geysir bread 4.100 kr




Today's lamb with sides, sauce, potatoes


and Geysir bread 4.100 kr




Uncle Jack - A 140g. beefburger with cheese,


bacon, BBQ sauce and potatoes 3.250 kr




The classic soupbuffet: atleast 2 different types of soup


with bread, local Geysir bread and butter 2.500 kr




Other items available are:


The traditional local Geysir bread with butter and


smoked trout 1.200 kr




Sandwich from the cooler with sauce, salad and


either ham and cheese or smoked trout 1.650 kr



Cake from the cooler with whipped cream 1.450 kr




Any questions? Feel free to call +3546624748


A bit about us


We are a small family business, where the father, Freddi, takes care of the restaurant and the mother, Halla, takes care of the souvenir shop. Our children cook and waiter along with other great staff we have. We hope you will enjoy our food as well as our great view.

All the lamb and goat meat that we serve comes from our own farm Hvoll in Aðaldalur.

Our hamburgers are made of pure beef from a local farm. We don’t add anything to the beef except spices.