This is a summer menu.





House special:
Lemon and lime grilled trout with potatoes, Geysir bread and salad           Kr. 3.300.-

Soup and bread buffet:
Served between 11:00 – 16:00
3 different types of soup, always Icelandic meat soup and Geysir bread
Kr. 1.950.-

Dinner Special every night from 18:30
2 course dinner
Kr. 3.500.-

Léttir réttir

Grilled sandwich with ham, cheese, sauce, salad and fried potatoes
Kr. 2.100.-

Grilled vegetable sandwich  with vegetables, potatoes, sauce and feta cheese – Vegetarians choice
Kr. 2.400.-

Uncle Jack: 140 gr. burger with our own Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, bacon cheese, bacon, baked potato and salad
Kr. 2.450.-

The Bull: 140 gr. burger with ham, cheese, egg, our special made mustard sauce, baked potato and salad
Kr. 2.450.-

The Dimmu-burger: 140 gr. burger with cheese, garlic sauce, jammed red onion, sweet potatoes  and salad
Kr. 2.450.-

Grábotni: Giant lamb-steak sandwich with fried vegetables, feta cheese, salad and sweet potatoes
Kr. 2.450.-

Deluxe sandwich with ham, cheese, bacon, egg, potatoes, Bernaise sauce and salad
Kr. 2.450.-


Soda 50 cl Kr. 450.-
Juice Kr. 350.-
Water Kr. 350.-
Malt Kr. 550.-
Light beer Kr. 550.-

Troll cup of coffee Kr. 650.-

Coffee Kr. 500.-
Tee Kr. 500.-
Espresso small Kr. 550.-
Espresso big Kr. 600.-
Cappucino Kr. 600.-
Cafe Latte Kr. 600.-
Sviss Mocca Kr. 650.-
Americano Kr. 600.-
Macchiato Kr. 600.-
Latte Macchiato Kr. 600.-

Hot chocolate Kr. 650.-
Hot chocolate for children Kr. 350.-

Glass of milk Kr. 150.-

Alcoholic drinks

Draft beer:
    Small Kr. 1.000.-
    Big Kr. 1.150.-
Víking Gylltur 33 cl Kr. 1.000.-
Stout 33 cl Kr. 1.100.-
Heineken 33 cl Kr. 1.100.-
Thule 50 cl Kr. 1.300.-

White wine:
Las Moras:
    Piot Grigio 18.75 cl Kr. 1.300.-
    Pinot Gris Kr. 3.900 

Red wine:
Morandé Cabernet
    Sauvignon 18.75 cl Kr. 1.300.-
Villa Lucia:
    Chianti Kr. 3.900.-
Strong liquor:
    Single Kr. 1.000.-
    Double Kr. 2.000.-

    Single Kr. 1.200.-
    Double Kr. 2.400.-

    Single Kr. 1.200.-
    Double Kr. 2.400.-


Today’s soup with Geysir bread
Kr. 1.950.-

Main courses

Lemon and lime grilled trout with potatoes, Geysir bread, salad and butter
Kr. 3.300.-

Vegetable: Marinated garlic vegetable, pan-fried in tomato basil oil with potatoes and Geysir bread – Vegans Choice
Kr. 3.950.-

House salad: with nuts, coconut chips, seeds, sweet potatoes and Geysir bread
Kr. 3.950-

Baked Salmon with sweet potatoes, lemon-mustard sauce, salat and Geysir bread
Kr. 3.950.-

Honey smoked Pork chops with sweet potatoes, garlic sauce and salad
Kr. 3.950.-

BBQ Lamb-ribs with baked potato and  salad
Kr. 3.950.-


Warm Apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream
Kr. 1.550.-

Nonni’s Rhubarb pie with ice cream and whipped cream
Kr. 1.750.-

Blueberry skyr with crumbles and whipped cream

Kr. 1750.-

Children's menu

Only for 12 years and younger

Grilled sandwich with ham and cheese, salad, potatoes and ketchup
Kr. 1.100.-

Hamburger with cheese, ketchup, potatoes and salad
Kr. 1.100.-