This is our summer menu. Please contact management for a group menu.

About us


We are a small family business, where the father, Freddi, takes care of the restaurant and the mother, Halla, 

takes care of the souvenir shop. 

Our children cook and waiter along with other great staff we have. 


We hope you will enjoy our food as well as our great view.


All the sheep, lamb and goat meat that we serve comes from our own farm in Kálfaströnd.


We get the horse meat for the hamburgers from our friends in 

Ibishóll in Skagafjörður.


The Beef we use for our hamburgers 

is from our friends in the local farm Gautlönd.


We don’t add anything to the hamburgers except spices.








Have you tried our very unique

Geysir bread ,,bread in a bucket,,

that we bake in the ground ?






House special:

Lemon and lime grilled trout with potatoes, Geysir bread and salad        Kr. 3.300.-

Soup and bread buffet:

Served between 11:00 – 16:00

3 different types of soup, always Icelandic meat soup and Geysir bread

       Kr. 1.950.-

Dinner Special every night

from 18:30

2 course dinner        Kr. 3.500.- 




Grilled Sandwich 

with ham, cheese, sauce, potatoes and salad     

       Kr. 2.400.-

Grilled vegetable sandwich  

with grilled vegetables, feta cheese, garlic sauce, potatoes and salad 

– Vegetarians choice –             Kr. 2.400.-


Deluxe sandwich 

with ham, cheese, bacon, egg, béarnaise sauce, potatoes and salad                Kr. 2.450.-


Giant lamb-steak sandwich with grilled vegetables, feta cheese, sauce, sweet potatoes and salad

       Kr. 2.450.-



Uncle Jack 

140 gr. Beef-burger with our own Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, bacon cheese, bacon, baked potato and salad     

       Kr. 2.450.-


The Bull 

140 gr. Beef-burger with ham, cheese, egg, lemon-mustard sauce, baked potato and salad      

       Kr. 2.450.-


The Dimmu-burger 

140 gr. Beef-burger with cheese, garlic sauce, jammed red onion, sweet potatoes and salad        

       Kr. 2.450.-


















Main Courses


House special:

Lemon and lime grilled trout with potatoes, Geysir bread and salad                               Kr. 3.300.-



Marinated garlic vegetables, pan-fried in tomato basil oil with sweet potatoes and Geysir bread 

– Vegans Choice –        Kr. 3.950.-




Baked Salmon with sweet potatoes, salad, lemon-mustard sauce and Geysir bread        

       Kr. 3.950.-



Lamb ribs

BBQ Lamb-ribs with baked potato 

and salad        

       Kr. 3.950.-




Honey smoked Pork chops with sweet potatoes, garlic sauce and salad

       Kr. 3.950.-












Warm Apple pie with ice cream and 

whipped cream 

       Kr. 1.550.-


Nonni’s Rhubarb pie with ice cream 

and whipped cream

       Kr. 1.750.-



Icelandic skyr dessert with oatmeal crumble and blueberry jam

       Kr. 1.750.- 



Cake with whipped cream, selection from the cooler each time

       Kr. 1.150.- 




Children’s menu



Only for 12 year olds and younger



Grilled sandwich with ham and cheese, ketchup, potatoes and salad        Kr. 1.100.-


Hamburger with cheese, ketchup, potatoes and salad        Kr. 1.100.-




Soda 50 cl Kr. 450.-

Fruit juice Kr. 350.-

Water Kr. 350.-

Malt Kr. 550.-

Light beer Kr. 550.-


Troll cup of coffee Kr. 650.-


Coffee Kr. 500.-

Tea Kr. 500.-

Espresso – single Kr. 550.-

Espresso – double Kr. 600.-

Cappucino     Kr. 600.-

Latte     Kr. 600.-

Sviss Mocca    Kr. 650.-

Americano     Kr. 600.-

Macchiato     Kr. 600.-

Latte Macchiato Kr. 600.-



Hot chocolate Kr. 650.-

Hot chocolate for children Kr. 350.-


Glass of milk Kr. 150.-












Alcoholic Drinks



Draft beer

Small Kr. 1.000.-

Big Kr. 1.150.-

Víking Gylltur 33 cl Kr. 1.000.-

Stout 33 cl Kr. 1.100.-

Heineken  33 cl                    Kr. 1.100.-

Thule 50 cl Kr. 1.300.-


White Wine

Las Moras

Pinot Grigio 18.75 cl              Kr. 1.300.- Mure 

Riesling                                    Kr. 3.900.-  


Red Wine

Las Moras

Malbec 18.75 cl      Kr. 1.300.-

Villa Lucia 

Chianti                                        Kr. 3.900.-


Sparkling wine   

Prosecco Tosti 20 cl Kr. 1.300.-

Prosecco Tosti Kr. 3.900.-


Strong liquor


Single Kr. 1.000.-

Double Kr. 2.000.-


Single Kr. 1.200.-

Double Kr. 2.400.-


Single Kr. 1.200.-

Double Kr. 2.400.-